Our History

Born as a military structure, today it presents itself to its visitors as a manor with halls with wooden ceilings or decorated with frescoes by Felice Giani, where it is possible to taste, gastronomic specialties and fine Tuscan-Romagna wines immersed in an atmosphere of ancient charm.

The galleries where there once were guard posts are now used for events, conferences and conventions. From the large terrace overlooking the lush park, guests’ can admire the starry mantle with the moon illuminating the hills.

The founder and the architect

The Grand Duke of Tuscany Cosimo I (1519-1575), in addition of being endowed with extraordinary governmental abilities, was also a skilled and refined art lover. This is why he was entrusted with the creation of the Uffizi, the official residence of the Medici and completed the wonderful Boboli garden, the park of the grand ducal residence.

As many leading figures of his time, he was a universal genius. Not only he designed six fortresses in Tuscany, but he also was a civil and religious architect, hydraulic engineer and painter and one of his greatest masterpieces was our beloved Terra del Sole.

Il Castello del Capitano
delle Artiglierie

The Castle has a splendid internal courtyard with centuries-old trees and it is surrounded by the gentle Tuscan-Romagna’s slopes, overlooking the Fiorentina gate (the one facing Florence), and including: the captain’s quarter, a complex of rooms used as a residence with splendidly paintings; the Armory, consisting of a workshop and a depot for light weapons, a crossing gallery and three different rooms intended for the guardhouse. The Castle, kept privately owned over time, has always been preserved and maintained as in its former glory, to show the whole world the greatness of the Medici family.

Our services

The Castle offers the possibility of:
• Events
• To book a room
• Weddings and ceremonies
• Business meeting
• Congresses
• Vintage car and motorcycle rallies
• Concerts and ballets
• Dinners and themed lunches
• Guided tours
• Art exhibitions